When I first lay eyes on a woman that appears interesting, something in my biology propels me to approach her and say hello. What’s your name, she might ask. Bruce Wayne, I may say. Where are you from?  Gotham, I reply. She usually gives me a funny look before continuing to play along; Where’s Robin? That’s when I call for my wingman or tell her he is sitting at the bar with Catwoman. Although I can stay in character for quite some time, there is a point in the evening when pulling off the metaphorical mask is necessary to build a connection with her. However necessary, there is something enticing about being in character. I have free rein to be whoever and whatever I want, and can decide to view the world through a different lens. It is not as strange as it sounds; Personality, after all, is partly biological and partly self-constructed. We cannot change what is innate, but we can change our habits, choose our thoughts, tweak our appearance, expand our knowledge and skill set, and construct our belief systems. We can create and live the life of the characters we want to become. Whether we like it or not, who we are today is a direct result of the decisions we’ve made up to this point.

I am engineering another character. This time, it will be a permanent facet of my identity. A long-time ego, which will lead me to the best version of myself.


5 thoughts on “Ego

  1. Great post. I often think about who I want to be vs. who I appear to be vs. who I truly am. Are they three separate entities, or one in the same? I am interested to see what you mean by the last line- about engineering another, permanent character. My initial thought was that as you go through college you are working toward becoming an “Engineer”- yet another identity. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.


  2. When I took an acting class back in high school, I found being in character very interesting and I really liked it. My only challenge, as with most people, is making the character’s posture, voice and personality. The most challenging part for me is remembering my scripts and worrying that I won’t mess up for everybody else. It’s definitely not as easy as it seems.


  3. This was awesome. Not just because I think Batman is badass, but because this was something that I needed to hear. Lately, I’ve been losing respect for some of my closest friends who refuse to improve themselves. They shrug off any suggestions I give them and they reply with “This is who I am. I can’t change.” I don’t believe that. Change is a choice that you can make.


  4. Great post. This makes me think about Halloween and how you can be anybody in the world on that day. I think as we grow up we mature and change our personality a lot and this is engineering our personality in a sense.


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