I am anxious to kill them, those parts of myself that are diseased and malfunctioning. I want to lay them to rest in a place no one will ever unearth. Although the carnage will be immense, many aspects of myself will remain to serve me well in this war against my own mediocrity. I require weapons and solid strategy, the latter of which will consist of new, effective systems that automate desired outcomes. Weapons will protect my precious new systems from vicious onslaught, which is bound to ensue on the frontline. My goal is to form a conglomerate system so impenetrable that fallen Spartans turn in their graves.  Dr. Ferrar is currently lending his expertise on system construction; I study closely.


3 thoughts on “Bloodshed

  1. This is a very poetic post. This makes me think about the mental struggle I quite frequently have inside my head between the demons and angels of my life. Do I study? Do I go to the bar? Do I workout? Do I cook a healthy meal or do I order takeout?


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