Fit to Win

I hate to lose. When I was a young tot, my father dubbed me a sore loser because I would holler and sulk after losing a game. It didn’t have to be a high stakes game; It could be a round of Uno or Mario Kart on the 64 (which my roommate still has by the way), I was always more competitive than my opponents. Dad, get out of my way. Grandmom, I am taking you down. By any means necessary. I enjoyed the physical act of winning, of lapping someone on the field or smacking someone’s king off the chess board. It was therapeutic. Recently, I find myself racking up a lot of L’s in life. Although I do not sulk much these days after a loss, it still gnaws at me. I need to get back to the business of winning to do away with these maturing agitations. I believe the answer is in fitness.

It’s been months since I stepped foot in the gym. My body is starting to miss the explosive concoction of free-flowing adrenaline and endorphins. The same concoction ran through my body as a child when winning a game or playing sports. After going hard in the gym, I experience a chemical win that is nostalgic and indescribable. It is my body against the weights; Earth’s gravity–a worthy competitor. I can see the glorious effects of the bouts in my body. Despite the benefits, I fail to make training sessions a consistent thing in my life. This weekend I am creating a system to ensure I almost never fall off again. This will begin the momentum I need to solidify the basics.


7 thoughts on “Fit to Win

  1. I am right there with you my friend. I am not sure if I hate losing, or love winning more. I am sure it is in part due to the testosterone, but I thoroughly enjoy good competition. I used to play pickup basketball and soccer, but with this being my first semester at Temple, I remain naive to the times/locations of such events. Instead I usually spend my Saturdays playing soccer with an adult league. Those 90 minutes on the field bring me great joy, and are often the highlight of my week. I’m working on getting back in the gym, because each time I visit is like a miniature competition with myself to see if I can improve from the week before. Set your goals and chase them. Cheers!


  2. I need to get back to the gym, too. I stopped going regularly, just a few weeks ago. I mostly stopped because I was getting busy with school and very tired most of the time, but I sorely miss it, already. For me, though, I think I will need to develop a system for sleeping consistently before I even get started on a system to keep me working out


  3. I feel the same way about winning. I can’t stand losing whether it is a sport , in class, or a video game. I can’t stand it . Lately in life I’ve gotten better at losing but it still one of my least hated feelings.


  4. Getting physical activity is not only good for the body, but also the mind. When preparing to win, consistency is key. I wish you best of luck with your endeavors!


  5. I dont think anyone like to “lose”, but it is a part of life. I have learned to be in tune with myself and my realties. Sometime I push myself and other times I must be patient.


  6. I always say never compare yourself to others, only compare yourself to the person you were yesterday. If you strive everyday to be more productive, stronger, faster, smarter, healthier than the day you were before you will always be winning.


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