I cursed all of the gods of the Universe when I opened the Homework 5 assignment. My finger bled as I scrolled angrily through the obnoxious 31-page document. It was Ferrar’s midterm review and also the night before the exam. Duck.

I spent a few hours reading through my notes and completing ONLY eight of the 24 questions that were required (phew, saved by literacy). It wasn’t until 2 am that my objectionable fatigue rocked me to sleep.

A drop of sweat fell onto the first exam page as I hurriedly drew a small pond where busy ducks would enter, leave and procreate. To an outsider, I appeared nervous on the big day. But it was being almost run over while practically jogging to class that truly got my heart going; My alarm clock that morning was little more than a minute nuisance given my four hours of sleep. Thankfully, my aggressive review the night before had put my mind at ease and I blew through the exam without much hesitation. I proudly wrote out the honor pledge and handed in my ducks (all I cared about) before heading back to my apartment for a self-induced coma.


3 thoughts on “Duck

  1. Like the way you termed your whole midterm exam experience as ‘Duck’. Yes, I know the first question was about ducks which actually brought a sense of relief and calm for me through the exam. Like you, I did face many discomforts studying and preparing for the exam, didn’t sleep on time and had to wake up early for the exam. Overall, everything seemed to turn out fine.


  2. It always a great feeling when you can brush through an exam and know that you did good. Although procrastination is usually a bad tactic, it works in some instances. I say that from experience. I’m glad that you believe you did well on the exam.


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