With the second midterm for Linear flatlined and conquered, my mind is set on targeting finals with an assassin’s eye. I saw on another blog a meme that said “Finals next week…Begins calculating minimum scores needed to pass.” As hilarious as this is, it is a serious situation to find oneself in. Unfortunately, I have found myself in it. In Solids, my professor is still getting a hang of the English language. It is frustrating that I learn nothing from lecture. And since I have barely opened the textbook, I have appropriately learned little Mechanics of Solids. Thus, the final will be a tremendous battle, with blood, body parts, and madness all over (such dramatics). I told my roommate that I begin preparing tonight for the skirmish, four weeks out–right…says every college student ever. This time I am sincere. I have never failed a college course and will not start now. I must own the material now and not even contemplate playing Horizon Zero Dawn this weekend until my work is done.

My group members and I have started the discussion of topics for the Linear project. We all cursed the gods for what our individual projects put us through. So initially we were going to choose something low stress, like force analysis of two different tools such as a clamp and a pair of pliers. I expressed concern that it would be too simple an analysis for a group of three brains. We are now considering examining the plumbing systems of a residential and commercial property. The system parameters would include pressure. Using sensitivity analysis, we may construct a more ideal system with superior functioning. And while my individual project became frustrating pretty quickly, I am excited about working more efficiently this time around.


6 thoughts on “Targets

  1. Yeah, I know how you feel, I just missed almost 2 weeks of my classes and the day that I decided to go my teacher happened to mention that in 2 classes we were going to have our midterm. To that point I had done almost no work and no experience of the newer material. I then put everything else aside and started studying my arse off for probably around 20 hrs give or take 2. I am happy to announce that although missing 2 weeks of class and missing about 6 hw’s I pulled off a B. Not too bad, no matter what if you truly spend time on learning you will learn.


  2. Javi, I also decided to do a really easy project regarding the group project but my group members want to do a really tough project and i know we are going to kill ourselves with this. Good luck to us on that


  3. I’m sure you can do it! It is really hard learn with a ESL teacher, but you go hard no matter how tilted the playing field is, right? Unplug the video game and give it to someone to hold. Earn it back if your serious. You haven’t failed yet, don’t break the streak. Go get em!


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