Javi the Calibrated

I am currently lying in bed with the most agony-inducing nausea and stomach pain. It came on suddenly yesterday afternoon, and I can’t think of what caused it. All I know is that I don’t have time for this right now. It is the end of the semester and things need to get done. And who’s going to pay my bills if I don’t show up for work? Through what seems to be a nasty stomach flu, I spent the better part of last night and this morning (8pm-6am to be exact) grappling a group project and homework. I passed out for 2.5 hours before narrowly missing the start of my Solids exam at 9. I ended up at the final class for Linear a shadow of my usual self. I regret contaminating the lecture seat, but I vowed previously to end strong.

It has been a fantastic semester studying Linear Systems with Dr. Ferrar. Unlike some other classes, I leave knowing I learned concepts that will advance my future understanding as an engineer. A particularly interesting concept introduced recently was uncertainty analysis–apparently a Ferrar Favorite. When he discussed the uncertainty analysis executed in a personal project of his, his animation was contagious. I could tell he was proud of his work, and excited about the implications of uncertainty analysis and correlation terms.

Throughout the semester, I have measured myself against the character I hoped to create. That character’s name is Javi (Hav-EEH)–a young man who takes responsibility for his actions, or lack thereof, and executes his vision with haste no matter the fears that present themselves. Imagine for a second that Javi is a straight blue line and that my attempts at meeting his exact linear configuration are black points that lie on this line or outside of it.

Image result for line of best fit residuals

Measured in green, the distance from the expectation to the fruits of an attempt detail exactly how far off I am from coming into ideal character. The more strategic attempts I make as I move forward to self-actualizing, the smaller these gaps will become. The goal is to self-improve daily even if that daily progress is minute. I will not quit until I am blue in the face.


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